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Nite Hunter Pro-Lite Field Trial

Terry Le Cheminant field trials an extra special night-hunting kit

Summary: The Nite Hunter Pro-Lite is a real breakthrough in lamping technology and well worth the money. This is an all-British product that's guaranteed to light-up the hunting lives of airgunners everywere! It's certainly lit up mine.

My two favourite types of hunting are stalking and lamping. Each requires its own techniques and I always thought that these two methods could never be combined—until I tested the Nite Hunter Pro-Lite lamping kit!

Le Chem prefers a red filter...

For stalking, maximum mobility comes with carrying a minimum of kit. When I'm lamping, I normally use a belt-mounted battery set-up to power my lamp, which, while it is great for spotlighting bunnies it seriously reduces my ability to travel quickly and quietly, while drastically increasing my breathing rate with the effort of it all.

I'd resigned myself to sacrificing mobility for candlepower, when I found out about a new lamping concept from a company called Nite Hunter. Their main man, Antoni Pobiarzyn, showed me a couple of lamping systems that completely turned around my notions of night hunting. This outfit ran off a sealed, Ni-MH (nickel metal hydride) battery-pack the size of a chocolate bar, which was stored out of sight... inside the stock!

I just had to test it out and Antoni promised to send me one as soon as he'd sorted the lamp's new coloured filters to his satisfaction. Then, two weeks later, a box arrived from Nite-Hunter containing the Pro-Lite package - and what a package it is!

It's not just a lamping kit, but a whole new rifle stock plus a lamping kit. I'd been sent a stock to fit my Mk. 1 Theoben Rapid 12, and there's also one for BSA's SuperTen, with other makes to follow, according to Nite Hunter.

My first job was to drop my Rapid's action into the Nite Hunter's walnut ambidextrous stock, which simply involved removing and replacing two securing bolts, took no more than two minutes and, because my scope stayed put throughout, I didn't even lose zero! Next, I fixed the Pro-Lite's mounting clamp to the rear of the scope body tube and tightened it securely.

Installing the battery took another 30 seconds, as the slim pack of plastic-wrapped cells slipped neatly into a slot in the underside of the butt. After 'clicking' the electrical connectors together, the battery compartment is sealed by closing its hinged steel lid, which is securely retained by a magnetic catch.

All that's left to do now, is to slide the lamp into its mounting dovetail, tighten the clamping screw—finger-tight is fine—then push the lamp's jack-plug into its socket just above the grip. Press the rubber-covered on-off switch... and you're in the lamping business!

Red, yellow and amber filters Among the extras supploed with the Pro-Lite kit is a 'snoot' which fits under the lamp's solid rubber retaining cover and concentrates the light, producing a nice tight 'spot'. While I was fitting the snoot, I also installed a red filter disc to diffuse the beam, and while red filters have always worked best for me, Nite Hunter also include yellow and amber ones as part of the Pro-Lite deal.

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Happy Hunting From The Nite-Hunter