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check outs some unusual
new shooting kit

Next up are a couple of neat gadgets from Nite-Hunter, and they’ve been developed for shooters whose hardware incorporates a buddy bottle, like the BSA SuperTen and Theoben Rapid.

One is a custom-made, leather cover that not only looks the business, but also makes gripping the ‘fore-end’ much less chilly in cold weather.

And the other is an ingenious quick-release sling swivel systems which Nite-Hunter permanently affix to the flat end of the buddy bottle – and they’ve even developed their buddy cover to cater for the system, should you want both items!

The way it works is simplicity itself.

You simply ‘push’ home the swivel – to which is attached the end of your sling – into the special housing that Nite-Hunter mate to the end of your buddy bottle.

Then, if you want to de-sling your rifle, you simply press the quick-release ‘button’ in the middle of the swivel and ‘pull’ it away from the rifle.

It’s probably the quickest of all the ‘QR’ sling systems on the market and, what’s more, you don’t have to undo it when you need to unscrew your bottle for a refill; Nite-Hunter have cleverly incorporated a ‘swivel’ into their ‘swivel’ so that it turns independently of the bottle. Brilliant!

Magazine: Air Gunner, December 2002, page 54

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