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The Top Ten Shooting Accessories of 2002, a personal choice from Pete Wadeson

The Nite-Hunter Supa-Lite Gun Lamp - the whole kit is self contained with the rechargeable battery unit concealed in the leather pack on the stock

New to the lamping scene this year are two products from a small independent 'nighthunting specialist' company appropriately named Nite-Hunter. One is a replacement stock for the Theoben Rapid 7 with the battery and all of the connector leads hidden inside. Less ambitious but in my opinion equally innovative is the Supa-Lite kit - a universal fit lamping kit which could well set the standard for gun mount lamping kits of the future.

The slim 6V battery is so light and slim that it's able to be housed in a stylish quality leather pouch that straps to the butt of the rifle. This means everything - including light, switch and battery - is attached to the rifle. The lamp is fitted to a bracket that attaches to a standard 1-inch scope body tube. This can be left in place as the lamp easily slides on and off the rail where it is held in place with a knurled thumbwheel, and the on/off switch can be positioned anywhere on the rifle stock.

The Quartz Halogen lamp, aided by a beam concentrator, throws a very tight beam and is capable of illuminating an area right out to 150 metres. This makes it ideal for air rifle, rimfire and even some centrefire work. A mains battery charger comes complete with the kit and a full charge gives up to 2 hours continuous light, The Supa-Lite costs £120 inclusive of P+P and a free leather pellet pouch.

Magazine: Gun Mart, December 2002, page 200

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