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Pro-Lite (patent pending) £240 + P&P

See Pro-Lite press articles

This is the ultimate lamping system available
which is brought to you by the Nite-Hunter.

It is aimed towards the most serious of pest controllers.

The Nite-Hunter feels that most vermin control is done at night and getting the weight of your hunting combo down is essential but also keeping the whole package well balanced and topped with a top quality light look no further than what this product has to offer.

For Rapid MkI and BSA SuperTEN


  • 150 meter beam
  • 2 hours continuous light
  • Tight spot beam
  • Light weight
  • Robust
  • Easy to use

Kit includes

  • New stock with integrated switch, wiring
  • Lamp
  • Quick release system for the power pack
  • Quick release lamp holder
  • Rechargeable Ni-mh Battery pack
  • Battery charger

Charging instructions

First charge = 12 hours

There after - 8 hours

Its always best to drain the battery after every outing
(ie leave the lamp on when you get home till its flat)
then place it back on charge, as this keeps the memory of the battery pack at its peak.


Filters in three colours: red, amber, yellow

Intro price £5 for all three

Air Arms S410 coming soon and other makes to follow.

Coming soon: Glass filters and dimmer switches will soon be available

Happy Hunting From The Nite-Hunter