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Sling and bipod conversion kits £55 + P&P

Sling and bipod conversion kits for the Rapid 7 BSA Super 10

These quick release systems are designed to make sling/bipod as simple and easy for you to use.

It is the best method which is available on the market today and together with the buddy bottle cover which is supplied makes it look the smartest.

With these systems you don't have to remove sling/bipod when you need to remove your buddy bottle, but if you do, you just simply push the button at the front and pull the fixing away.

These kits have been tested thoroughly and do not put any strain on the buddy bottle threads or loosen the bottle like others makes do (because the quick release turns freely when seated in its housing).

Also there is no need for any allen keys, it is a must with over makes which i feel is a real pain because if you lose it, well enough said.

your buddy bottle must be sent to us as we use a special compound resin which is tested to over 300kg strain, but there are strict instructions which we must follow to achieve this.

But this company ensure a fast turn around and your buddy bottle will be returned within 3 days.

Kit includes

  • Quick release system
  • Male & Female (glued to end of buddy bottle)
  • Buddy bottle cover


  • Sling (only top quality)
  • Bipod (not released yet - still been tested for it's weight and strength)

Happy Hunting From The Nite-Hunter