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SNIPER CAM HD (day / night)



  • Full 1080P ready
  • Full 1080P recording capability (HD sensor available soon)
  • HDMI compatible for playback direct to your TV
  • USB charging
  • High definition recording
  • Simple push fit to most scopes
  • Simple cross air pickup using finger friendly zoom/focus
  • Record facility
  • SD card facility for extra record memory
  • LCD brightness control
  • LCD instant playback
  • 2.5 hrs run time
  • Spare batterys available
  • Sensor able to see inferred spectrums 720nm,760nm,850nm, 950nm
  • Resolution settings
  • External optical filter adapter (helps reduce lcd glare)
  • Sensor 480 tvl, low lux

Optional Extras

  • Sensor upgrade 700 tvl, super low lux

For further details please ring 0774 291 9679.

Happy Hunting From The Nite-Hunter