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Nitehunter Stock for the AA 400/410

I received a call from Pete “Sparky” Sparkes saying that he had just got off of the phone with Antoni from Nitehunter telling me he had just received the Air Arms S410 Paul Wilson Walnut stock with the full Nighthunter kit. Pete asked, if Antoni sent it down to him could we use my 410 action in it and take it lamping to see what I think.

Well I jumped at the chance as I already have the standard Hunter lamp and find it's great.

Pete rang and told me the stock has just arrived and that it was one hell of a stock, he said he would bring it along to the club on Sunday.

As promised Pete bought the stock to the club and I was very impressed. It was a real eye catching stock, with a rosewood tip, and rosewood pistol grip tip which I liked.

thumb groove

The thumb groove had a nice feel and the switch is easy to use set right next to the thumb groove.

butt of the stock

The battery pack which is in the butt of the stock can be removed or charged via a small flap on the underside of the stock.

fitting the stock

I fitted the stock to my 410 action using the nice shiny bolt supplied with the kit, and it fitted a treat.

The forend of the stock is approx 1 inch longer than your standard stock (Which is just short of the filler cap on my 410 carbine?). The stock felt really nice to hold with the thumb groove and switch in the right places. I weighed the stock with its batteries and it came in at 3lb 4oz which is good as the standard stock weighs in at 2lb 12oz.

The following night we decided to hit one of Pete’s shoots and give it a blast on the bunnies. The Lamp performed as well as my standard Nighthunter lamp does with a decent tight beam out to around 150 yards. It felt great having everything in the stock, it felt really compact and I hardly noticed I had a lamp on. It was a pleasure to use with no heavy batteries, no trailing wires between me and the gun and the whole package adds approx 13oz compared to your standard AA410 without lamp. I must get myself one.

The lamp gives 2 hours of continuous lamping so no problems for a 4 – 5 lamping trip.

With the kit you get the stock, batteries, charger, scope bracket and of course the lamp.

full kit

I would like to thank Antoni & Pete for giving me a chance to try this excellent bit of kit. And would say if you’re looking for a neat compact lightweight lamp then look no further than the Nitehunter.

As you can see it works

results of the full kit in action

By Gary “Gazo” Didwell

Happy Hunting From The Nite-Hunter